The secret of well-groomed hands is acrylic nails.

This season acrylic fashion on nails! So what is an acrylic nail? How to make an acrylic nail? Here is the answer …

The beauty industry is in front of us with a new technology every day. There is an acrylic nail fashion now for nails that will complement your beauty when it comes to eyelashes and eyebrows.

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What is acrylic nail?

It is a kind of prosthetic nail application. It usually apply in beauty salons with the help of a professional. You can also apply it yourself at home with a little patience and dedication. While artificial nails can use daily, prosthetic nails are permanent for six months when regularly look after. It uses a special powder and liquid during application. The reason to prefer this prosthesis is usually because it lasts longer than other prosthetic nails. The fact that the nail polishes applied are more permanent is the plus of the acrylic nail. You can get nails that do not break easily and have the desired length.

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How acrylic nails apply?

Required materials for acrylic nails:

Plastic nail tip
Nail glue
Nail scissors and nail file
Liquid acrylic
Powder acrylic
Cuticle oil
Acrylic nail brush
Nail cleaner

Firstly, get your nails ready for the procedure. If you have nail polish on your nails, be sure to clean them and matte them with a nail file. In addition, cut nails short if possible. Soften nails with cuticle oil. Then push the nails. Thus, a clean image is provided on the nail edges. For those who want to use their nails longer, plastic nail tip templates are placed under the nail and the mixed acrylic powder and liquid are gently applied to the nail. After the application is complete, clean the nail with a sterile liquid. Alcohol is the most effective cleaner. Apply clear nail polish over the nail to make it more durable and long-lasting. After the application is over, wait for the acrylic to dry and settle. Finally, nail care is required for an average of 3 weeks after these procedures.

How to remove acrylic nails?

If you have the application done in a salon, if possible, you can go to the salon where the application is performed and have your nails removed. If you made it yourself at home, file it with an acrylic file until the shine on the nail is gone. After pouring your nail polish remover with a high acetone ratio on cotton balls, cover your nails one by one, wrap it with foil and wait for an average of half an hour. If the acrylic is still not removed when you remove the cotton, repeat the same steps. You will see your nails recover in 1-2 weeks with moisturizers and nail polish hardeners after you get rid of the acrylic completely.

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